Oral and Digital History

Oral History

Oral history interviews are one of the most common techniques used by researchers in the social sciences to gain information regarding the personal experiences of individuals to add a more human element to their analyses. Oral accounts give us an insight into the “how” and especially the “why” behind the things that historians study. These accounts will be important as future researchers investigate the Covid-19 pandemic and the ways that it was experienced on a personal level.

“I believe that in each of us there is a small piece of history. In one half a page, in another two or three. Together we write the book of time.”

Svetlana Alexievich, War’s Unwomanly Face

Digital History

“Digital History” is a framework, built by academics, public historians, and even the general public that compiles various sources of information and allows individuals to explore it all via an interactive and user-led experience. More and more, digital history is just part of “doing history” in general. The NDSU Covid-19 Digital History Project is just one example of this approach as we aim to augment maps, data, and external sources with the personal narratives that we collect from the local community to contextualize the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic for those here in the region.

Additional Covid-19 Digital/Oral History Projects