Participant Category Do you know anyone who has contracted the virus? If so, how has this affected your feelings about Covid-19 and the precautions in place? How worried are you about getting the virus? What adjustments did you have to make in your personal and social life with family and friends? Tell us about your work experience during the Covid-19 pandemic. What do you do for work? How has your work been affected? What have been some of the hardships you have experienced? In what ways have you handled any added stress? Have you been able to find comfort? How have you been receiving local and national news? Did your feelings about the Covid-19 pandemic change from the spring of 2020 to now? If so, how and why? What, if any, key moments during the spread of the pandemic and the increase in precautions taken to prevent it spreading stick out to you? Would you like to share any more thoughts on your Covid-19 experience? What do you miss? Any new hobbies? What are your hopes for moving forward?
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